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/* -*- mode: c; c-file-style: "bsd"; -*- */
    Internal shared data and functions.

    If you edit this file, you should carefully consider changing the
    JACK_PROTOCOL_VERSION in configure.in.

    Copyright (C) 2001-2003 Paul Davis
    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

    $Id: internal.h,v 1.81 2005/05/11 02:06:46 pbd Exp $

#ifndef __jack_internal_h__
#define __jack_internal_h__

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/time.h>

/* Needed by <sysdeps/time.h> */
extern void jack_error (const char *fmt, ...);

#include <jack/jack.h>
#include <jack/types.h>
#include <jack/port.h>
#include <jack/transport.h>
#include <sysdeps/time.h>
#include <sysdeps/atomicity.h>

#include <sysdeps/mach_port.h>

#define DEBUG(format,args...) \
      fprintf (stderr, "jack:%5d:%" PRIu64 " %s:%s:%d: " format "\n", getpid(), jack_get_microseconds(), __FILE__, __FUNCTION__, __LINE__ , ## args)
    #define DEBUG(format...)
    #define DEBUG(format,args...)

/* Enable preemption checking for Linux Realtime Preemption kernels.
 * This checks if any RT-safe code section does anything to cause CPU
 * preemption.  Examples are sleep() or other system calls that block.
 * If a problem is detected, the kernel writes a syslog entry, and
 * sends SIGUSR2 to the client.
#define CHECK_PREEMPTION(engine, onoff) \
      if ((engine)->real_time) gettimeofday (1, (onoff))
#define CHECK_PREEMPTION(engine, onoff)

#ifndef     FALSE
#define     FALSE (0)

#ifndef     TRUE
#define     TRUE  (1)

typedef struct _jack_engine  jack_engine_t;
typedef struct _jack_request jack_request_t;

typedef void * dlhandle;

typedef enum {
    TransportCommandNone = 0,
    TransportCommandStart = 1,
    TransportCommandStop = 2,
} transport_command_t;

typedef struct {

      volatile uint32_t       guard1;
      volatile jack_nframes_t frames;  
      volatile jack_time_t    current_wakeup;
      volatile jack_time_t    next_wakeup;
      volatile float          second_order_integrator;
      volatile int32_t        initialized;
      volatile uint32_t       guard2;
      /* not accessed by clients */

      int32_t  reset_pending;      /* xrun happened, deal with it */
      float    filter_coefficient; /* set once, never altered */

} jack_frame_timer_t;

/* JACK engine shared memory data structure. */
typedef struct {

    jack_transport_state_t transport_state;
    volatile transport_command_t transport_cmd;
    transport_command_t   previous_cmd;   /* previous transport_cmd */
    jack_position_t       current_time;   /* position for current cycle */
    jack_position_t       pending_time;   /* position for next cycle */
    jack_position_t       request_time;   /* latest requested position */
    jack_unique_t   prev_request; /* previous request unique ID */
    volatile _Atomic_word seq_number;     /* unique ID sequence number */
    int8_t          new_pos;  /* new position this cycle */
    int8_t          pending_pos;    /* new position request pending */
    jack_nframes_t        pending_frame; /* pending frame number */
    int32_t         sync_clients;   /* number of active_slowsync clients */
    int32_t         sync_remain;    /* number of them with sync_poll */
    jack_time_t           sync_timeout;
    jack_time_t           sync_time_left;
    jack_frame_timer_t    frame_timer;
    int32_t         internal;
    pid_t                 engine_pid;
    jack_nframes_t        buffer_size;
    int8_t          real_time;
    int8_t          do_mlock;
    int8_t          do_munlock;
    int32_t         client_priority;
    int32_t         has_capabilities;
    float                 cpu_load;
    float           xrun_delayed_usecs;
    float           max_delayed_usecs;
    uint32_t              port_max;
    int32_t         engine_ok;
    jack_port_type_id_t   n_port_types;
    jack_port_type_info_t port_types[JACK_MAX_PORT_TYPES];
    jack_port_shared_t    ports[0];

} jack_control_t;

typedef enum  {
} JackEventType;

typedef struct {
    JackEventType type;
    union {
      uint32_t n;
      jack_port_id_t port_id;
      jack_port_id_t self_id;
    } x;
    union {
      uint32_t n;
      jack_port_type_id_t ptid;
      jack_port_id_t other_id;
    } y;
} jack_event_t;

typedef enum {
      ClientInternal, /* connect request just names .so */
      ClientDriver,   /* code is loaded along with driver */
      ClientExternal  /* client is in another process */
} ClientType;

typedef enum {
} jack_client_state_t;

/* JACK client shared memory data structure. */
typedef volatile struct {

    volatile jack_client_id_t id;         /* w: engine r: engine and client */
    volatile jack_nframes_t  nframes;     /* w: engine r: client */
    volatile jack_client_state_t state;   /* w: engine and client r: engine */
    volatile char name[JACK_CLIENT_NAME_SIZE];
    volatile ClientType type;             /* w: engine r: engine and client */
    volatile int8_t     active;           /* w: engine r: engine and client */
    volatile int8_t     dead;             /* r/w: engine */
    volatile int8_t     timed_out;        /* r/w: engine */
    volatile int8_t     is_timebase;        /* w: engine, r: engine and client */
    volatile int8_t     timebase_new;       /* w: engine and client, r: engine */
    volatile int8_t     is_slowsync;        /* w: engine, r: engine and client */
    volatile int8_t     active_slowsync;  /* w: engine, r: engine and client */
    volatile int8_t     sync_poll;        /* w: engine and client, r: engine */
    volatile int8_t     sync_new;         /* w: engine and client, r: engine */
    volatile pid_t      pid;              /* w: client r: engine; client pid */
    volatile pid_t      pgrp;             /* w: client r: engine; client pgrp */
    volatile uint64_t   signalled_at;
    volatile uint64_t   awake_at;
    volatile uint64_t   finished_at;

    /* JOQ: all these pointers are trouble for 32/64 compatibility,
     * they should move to non-shared memory. 

    /* callbacks 
    JackProcessCallback process;
    void *process_arg;
    JackThreadInitCallback thread_init;
    void *thread_init_arg;
    JackBufferSizeCallback bufsize;
    void *bufsize_arg;
    JackSampleRateCallback srate;
    void *srate_arg;
    JackPortRegistrationCallback port_register;
    void *port_register_arg;
    JackGraphOrderCallback graph_order;
    void *graph_order_arg;
    JackXRunCallback xrun;
    void *xrun_arg;
    JackSyncCallback sync_cb;
    void *sync_arg;
    JackTimebaseCallback timebase_cb;
    void *timebase_arg;
    JackFreewheelCallback freewheel_cb;
    void *freewheel_arg;
    /* external clients: set by libjack
     * internal clients: set by engine */
    int (*deliver_request)(void*, jack_request_t*); /* JOQ: 64/32 bug! */
    void *deliver_arg;

    /* for engine use only */
    void *private_client;

} jack_client_control_t;

typedef struct {
    uint32_t      protocol_v;       /* protocol version, must go first */
    int32_t    load;
    ClientType type;
    jack_options_t options;

    char name[JACK_CLIENT_NAME_SIZE];
    char object_path[PATH_MAX+1];
    char object_data[1024];

} jack_client_connect_request_t;

typedef struct {

    jack_status_t status;

    jack_shm_info_t client_shm;
    jack_shm_info_t engine_shm;

    char    fifo_prefix[PATH_MAX+1];

    int32_t realtime;
    int32_t realtime_priority;

    char name[JACK_CLIENT_NAME_SIZE];     /* unique name, if assigned */

    /* these two are valid only for internal clients */
    jack_client_control_t *client_control;
    jack_control_t        *engine_control;

    /* specific resources for server/client real-time thread communication */
    int32_t portnum;

} jack_client_connect_result_t;

typedef struct {
    jack_client_id_t client_id;
} jack_client_connect_ack_request_t;

typedef struct {
    int8_t status;
} jack_client_connect_ack_result_t;

typedef enum {
      RegisterPort = 1,
      UnRegisterPort = 2,
      ConnectPorts = 3,
      DisconnectPorts = 4, 
      SetTimeBaseClient = 5,
      ActivateClient = 6,
      DeactivateClient = 7,
      DisconnectPort = 8,
      SetClientCapabilities = 9,
      GetPortConnections = 10,
      GetPortNConnections = 11,
      ResetTimeBaseClient = 12,
      SetSyncClient = 13,
      ResetSyncClient = 14,
      SetSyncTimeout = 15,
      SetBufferSize = 16,
      FreeWheel = 17,
      StopFreeWheel = 18,
      IntClientHandle = 19,
      IntClientLoad = 20,
      IntClientName = 21,
      IntClientUnload = 22,
      RecomputeTotalLatencies = 23
} RequestType;

struct _jack_request {
    RequestType type;
    union {
      struct {
          char name[JACK_PORT_NAME_SIZE];
          char type[JACK_PORT_TYPE_SIZE];
          uint32_t         flags;
          jack_shmsize_t   buffer_size;
          jack_port_id_t   port_id;
          jack_client_id_t client_id;
      } port_info;
      struct {
          char source_port[JACK_PORT_NAME_SIZE];
          char destination_port[JACK_PORT_NAME_SIZE];
      } connect;
      struct {
          int32_t nports;
          const char **ports;       /* JOQ: 32/64 problem? */
      } port_connections;
      struct {
          jack_client_id_t client_id;
          int32_t conditional;
      } timebase;
      struct {
          jack_options_t options;
          jack_client_id_t id;
          char name[JACK_CLIENT_NAME_SIZE];
          char path[PATH_MAX+1];
          char init[JACK_LOAD_INIT_LIMIT];
      } intclient;
      jack_client_id_t client_id;
      jack_nframes_t nframes;
      jack_time_t timeout;
        pid_t cap_pid;
    } x;
    int32_t status;

/* Per-client structure allocated in the server's address space.
 * It's here because its not part of the engine structure.

typedef struct _jack_client_internal {

    jack_client_control_t *control;

    int        request_fd;
    int        event_fd;
    int        subgraph_start_fd;
    int        subgraph_wait_fd;
    JSList    *ports;    /* protected by engine->client_lock */
    JSList    *truefeeds;    /* protected by engine->client_lock */
    JSList    *sortfeeds;    /* protected by engine->client_lock */
    int            fedcount;
    int            tfedcount;
    jack_shm_info_t control_shm;
    unsigned long execution_order;
    struct  _jack_client_internal *next_client; /* not a linked list! */
    dlhandle handle;
    int     (*initialize)(jack_client_t*, const char*); /* int. clients only */
    void    (*finish)(void *);            /* internal clients only */
    int      error;
    /* specific resources for server/client real-time thread communication */
    mach_port_t serverport;
    trivial_message message;
    int running;
    int portnum;
} jack_client_internal_t;

typedef struct _jack_thread_arg {
      jack_client_t* client;
      void* (*work_function)(void*);
      int priority;
      int realtime;
      void* arg;
      pid_t cap_pid;
} jack_thread_arg_t;

extern int  jack_client_handle_port_connection (jack_client_t *client,
                                    jack_event_t *event);
extern jack_client_t *jack_driver_client_new (jack_engine_t *,
                                    const char *client_name);
extern jack_client_t *jack_client_alloc_internal (jack_client_control_t*,

/* internal clients call this. it's defined in jack/engine.c */
void handle_internal_client_request (jack_control_t*, jack_request_t*);

extern char *jack_tmpdir;

extern char *jack_user_dir (void);

extern char *jack_server_dir (const char *server_name);

extern void *jack_zero_filled_buffer;

extern jack_port_functions_t jack_builtin_audio_functions;

extern jack_port_type_info_t jack_builtin_port_types[];

extern void jack_client_invalidate_port_buffers (jack_client_t *client);

extern void jack_transport_copy_position (jack_position_t *from,
                                jack_position_t *to);
extern void jack_call_sync_client (jack_client_t *client);

extern void jack_call_timebase_master (jack_client_t *client);

extern char *jack_default_server_name (void);

void silent_jack_error_callback (const char *desc);

/* needed for port management */
jack_port_t *jack_port_by_id_int (const jack_client_t *client,
                          jack_port_id_t id, int* free);

jack_port_t *jack_port_by_name_int (jack_client_t *client,
                            const char *port_name);

#endif /* __jack_internal_h__ */

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