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/* -*- mode: c; c-file-style: "bsd"; -*- */
    Copyright (C) 2001-2003 Paul Davis
    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

    $Id: engine.h,v 1.50 2004/12/19 18:41:28 pbd Exp $

#ifndef __jack_engine_h__
#define __jack_engine_h__

#include <jack/jack.h>
#include <jack/internal.h>
#include <jack/driver_interface.h>

struct _jack_driver;
struct _jack_client_internal;
struct _jack_port_internal;

/* Structures is allocated by the engine in local memory to keep track
 * of port buffers and connections. 
typedef struct {
    jack_shm_info_t* shm_info;
    jack_shmsize_t   offset;
} jack_port_buffer_info_t;

/* The engine keeps an array of these in its local memory. */
typedef struct _jack_port_internal {
    struct _jack_port_shared *shared;
    JSList                   *connections;
    jack_port_buffer_info_t  *buffer_info;
} jack_port_internal_t;

/* The engine's internal port type structure. */
typedef struct _jack_port_buffer_list {
    pthread_mutex_t          lock;  /* only lock within server */
    JSList              *freelist;  /* list of free buffers */
    jack_port_buffer_info_t *info;  /* jack_buffer_info_t array */
} jack_port_buffer_list_t;

/* The main engine structure in local memory. */
struct _jack_engine {
    jack_control_t        *control;

    JSList                *drivers;
    struct _jack_driver   *driver;
    jack_driver_desc_t    *driver_desc;
    JSList                *driver_params;

    /* these are "callbacks" made by the driver backend */
    int  (*set_buffer_size) (struct _jack_engine *, jack_nframes_t frames);
    int  (*set_sample_rate) (struct _jack_engine *, jack_nframes_t frames);
    int  (*run_cycle)       (struct _jack_engine *, jack_nframes_t nframes,
                       float delayed_usecs);
    void (*delay)     (struct _jack_engine *, float delayed_usecs);
    void (*transport_cycle_start) (struct _jack_engine *, jack_time_t time);
    void (*driver_exit)     (struct _jack_engine *);

    /* "private" sections starts here */

    /* engine serialization -- use precedence for deadlock avoidance */
    pthread_mutex_t request_lock;   /* precedes client_lock */
    pthread_mutex_t client_lock;
    pthread_mutex_t port_lock;
    int               process_errors;
    int               period_msecs;

    /* Time to wait for clients in msecs.  Used when jackd is run
     * without realtime priority enabled. */
    int               client_timeout_msecs;

    /* info on the shm segment containing this->control */

    jack_shm_info_t control_shm;

    /* address-space local port buffer and segment info, 
       indexed by the port type_id 
    jack_port_buffer_list_t port_buffers[JACK_MAX_PORT_TYPES];
    jack_shm_info_t         port_segment[JACK_MAX_PORT_TYPES];

    unsigned int    port_max;
    pthread_t         server_thread;
    pthread_t         watchdog_thread;

    int               fds[2];
    jack_client_id_t next_client_id;
    size_t      pfd_size;
    size_t      pfd_max;
    struct pollfd  *pfd;
    char        fifo_prefix[PATH_MAX+1];
    int              *fifo;
    unsigned long   fifo_size;
    unsigned long   external_client_cnt;
    int               rtpriority;
    char        freewheeling;
    char        verbose;
    char        do_munlock;
    const char       *server_name;
    char        temporary;
    int               reordered;
    int               watchdog_check;
    int               feedbackcount;
    pid_t           wait_pid;
    pthread_t       freewheel_thread;

    /* these lists are protected by `client_lock' */
    JSList     *clients;
    JSList     *clients_waiting;

    jack_port_internal_t    *internal_ports;
    jack_client_internal_t  *timebase_client;
    jack_port_buffer_info_t *silent_buffer;
    jack_client_internal_t  *current_client;


    jack_time_t rolling_client_usecs[JACK_ENGINE_ROLLING_COUNT];
    int               rolling_client_usecs_cnt;
    int               rolling_client_usecs_index;
    int               rolling_interval;
    float       max_usecs;
    float       spare_usecs;

    int first_wakeup;
    /* specific resources for server/client real-time thread communication */
    mach_port_t servertask, bp;
    int portnum;

/* public functions */

jack_engine_t  *jack_engine_new (int real_time, int real_time_priority,
                         int do_mlock, int do_unlock,
                         const char *server_name, int temporary,
                         int verbose, int client_timeout,
                         unsigned int port_max,
                                 pid_t waitpid, JSList *drivers);
void        jack_engine_delete (jack_engine_t *);
int         jack_run (jack_engine_t *engine);
int         jack_wait (jack_engine_t *engine);
int         jack_engine_load_driver (jack_engine_t *engine,
                               jack_driver_desc_t * driver_desc,
                               JSList * driver_params);
void        jack_dump_configuration(jack_engine_t *engine, int take_lock);

/* private engine functions */
void        jack_engine_reset_rolling_usecs (jack_engine_t *engine);
int         internal_client_request (void* ptr, jack_request_t *request);
int         jack_get_fifo_fd (jack_engine_t *engine,
                          unsigned int which_fifo);

extern jack_client_internal_t *
jack_client_internal_by_id (jack_engine_t *engine, jack_client_id_t id);

static inline void jack_lock_graph (jack_engine_t* engine) {
      DEBUG ("acquiring graph lock");
      pthread_mutex_lock (&engine->client_lock);

static inline int jack_try_lock_graph (jack_engine_t *engine)
      DEBUG ("TRYING to acquiring graph lock");
      return pthread_mutex_trylock (&engine->client_lock);

static inline void jack_unlock_graph (jack_engine_t* engine) 
      DEBUG ("releasing graph lock");
      pthread_mutex_unlock (&engine->client_lock);

static inline unsigned int jack_power_of_two (unsigned int n)
      return !(n & (n - 1));

/* Internal port handling interfaces for JACK engine. */
void  jack_port_clear_connections (jack_engine_t *engine,
                             jack_port_internal_t *port);
void  jack_port_registration_notify (jack_engine_t *, jack_port_id_t, int);
void  jack_port_release (jack_engine_t *engine, jack_port_internal_t *);
void  jack_sort_graph (jack_engine_t *engine);

#endif /* __jack_engine_h__ */

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